* Product Info [#g7dc53a6]

- [[Armadillo-500 FX | アットマークテクノ:http://www.atmark-techno.com/products/armadillo/a500fx]]

** Hardware Summary [#iebe3754]

|Processor|Freescale i.MX31|
|NOR Flash|32MB|
|SSD|Intel ZU-130 1GB|
|SD/MMC|2 slots|
|USB|High Speed x 2, Full Speed x 1|
|Key Pad|24 keys|
|LCD|5.7 inch VGA with touch panel|

** Software Summary [#q27bd4e9]

|Linux Kernel|2.6.26|
|[[development environment:http://armadillo.atmark-techno.com/dev-env]]|ATDE, Atmark Dist|

** Price [#ad759bd1]

128,100 JPY

** Availability [#e1616f81]

Oct 31, 2008 on sale.

* Google Android [#t93c01ae]

** Emulator Skins [#q114c42d]

Start Android emulator with "-skin A500FX" option after extracting the following ZIP file into (SDK Location:)/tools/lib/images/skins directory.

** Screenshots [#c3849ccc]

** Related Information [#gf5968fd]

- Some geeks have already succeeded running Google Android on this platform.

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-- [[なんとなく実験 with SIProp開発記 - 謎のボードであのバージョン:http://www.noritsuna.com/archives/2008/10/post_120.html]]
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